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Meet Author Sarah Forester Davis!​


Who is Sarah Forester Davis?

Sarah is the author of the mature young adult book series, Confession, and her latest novel, Her Name is Hazel. She is a travel addict, coffee lover, Mom to 4 kids, 1 dog and 4 cats, wife, and a beach bum. When she's not writing, she is chauffeuring her kids around and planning her family's next epic adventure. She lives a wanderlust life and spends numerous months out of every year traveling. 

 Bodhi and Eva, the main characters of Confession, were stuck in her mind for a really long time. She knew they had an epic story, and they lived in her imagination for years, beating on her head to be let out. Once she found the time to write about them, the story flew out so fast it was as if they were like, FINALLY, let's do this.

Killian and Hazel came to Sarah while driving her kids to and from school every day. The story continued to evolve over time and when she finally sat down and started writing their tale, she finished it in 13 days. 

Her laptop goes EVERYWHERE with her, because her characters don't sleep, and inspiration pops out at her all the time. 

Currently she's working on her newest untitled book and LOVES hearing from all of the Bodhi and Eva fans, and Killian and Hazel ones out there.




Fun Facts About Sarah

*She and her husband met on a blind date. They've been married 13 years.

*She has 4 amazing kids and none of them were born in the months they were supposed to be born in.

*She lived in Japan for a few years and did some print modeling while there.

*She places signed copies of her book in Little Free Libraries all over America.

*She loves to fish and always catches more than her husband.

*She is very attached to her characters. 

*She's never not planning her next road trip.

*She drinks her bodyweight in coffee every day, and has favorite local coffee spots all over the country.

*She is very responsive on social media with all her readers.

*She is planning on Confession being a trilogy, but has hinted there could be a 4th!

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