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The Confession Series

When I was 12, I met this boy. His life was the complete opposite of mine. He grew up on the beach with his single mom, spending his day surfing and wandering around Flagler in his swim trunks. I grew up on the Halifax with my callous parents, behind a gated driveway, wishing my life wasn’t already planned out for me.

I knew my parents wouldn’t approve of our friendship, so I spent two years sneaking over to his house, hoping at some point I’d have a say in how I lived my life.

When I was 14, there was an accident. As much as I wanted to keep him a secret, as much as I needed to see him every day, we were forbidden to ever see each other again. If I disobeyed my parents there would be consequences, ones that would destroy him.

Three years have passed, three years of watching myself waste away without him, sinking into a deep depression that I struggle to pull myself out of each morning. But then the unthinkable happens, his mom, she’s tragically gone and I find myself back in his life.

This connection we have can only be explained with one word. Soulmates. At 17, we are no longer innocent little kids, and on the verge of adulthood our relationship has changed over time.

We need each other. We have each other. Our chemistry is undeniable.

But there are secrets that have suddenly become unraveled. There are mysteries that we find ourselves trying to solve. There are people who show up in our beach town, strangers who bring buried knowledge about the past.

We find ourselves thrown into the middle of a dangerous game that could cost us both of our lives, and there’s one simple fact that seems to shout out at us as each day passes.

There was a reason we were kept apart.

Confession. This is our story.

Her Name is Hazel

Killian Lewis has grown up in the spotlight. At nineteen-years-old, he has finally had enough of this showbiz life. Much to the disappointment of his cold-hearted team, he decides to leave his celebrity life in London for the summer. Instead, he's going to hide out in Ohio with his father and a blended family that he barely knows.


His plan is to stay invisible. His plan is to figure out his future. His plan is to decide if the life of an actor is still worth living. But then he meets Hazel.


While stuck in the JFK airport during a layover, Killian walks up to this free-spirited girl and is abruptly thrown into her eccentric world. Not only does he feel this instant connection to her, but as time passes he realizes he knows her. He just can't remember how.


Hazel has secrets. These secrets have not only changed her life, but they'll change Killian's, too. The question is, will Killian figure them out in time ... and if he does, what will he do when these secrets finally become unveiled?

Dallas & Georgia

Dallas and Georgia have been best friends since birth. Every summer they reunite when Georgia and her mom make the fourteen-hour drive to stay with Dallas and his family. Each summer brings on new, not always parent approved adventures, and every year they grow closer and closer together.

This summer everything changes.

At seventeen years old Dallas and Georgia realize staying best friends might not be where the future is taking them.

After a night of regrets, they're forced to volunteer at the local retirement center for the summer. There they meet an elderly resident of Bar Harbor and through her hilarious and rather blunt life lessons, they're taught the meaning of true love.

Is this enough for them to take the leap into something more? Most importantly, what will happen if they do?

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